Privacy Policy

HD Forums Australia will never sell or trade your private information under any circumstances. We will not freely give your private information to others, except where we are:

  • required to under Australian law (e.g. by court order or by government agencies under statutory or other powers);
  • trying to prevent abuse, where users are abusing or threatening others;
  • acting to identify sources of scams or junk posts.

Under general operating circumstances, our intention is to keep your personal information and identity private.

Where a user posts information on this site publicly or privately to other registered users, the user is in full control of their content. The site provides features that enable the user to remove part or all of their content from the site at any time.

Deleting posts: Users can delete any post they have made by navigating to that post and clicking the Delete button on the post.

Deleting all user content: Users can delete all their content by clicking the Delete My Account button in their user profile here: Profile

A user is not covered by this privacy policy where they voluntarily post their personally identifiable information in public view or member only view. Or where they message another member with this information. The practice of posting personally identifiable information such as email address or mobile number in posts is strongly discouraged. And where messaging private information to other members, strong caution should be used to ensure the receiving member is trust worthy.

This policy is forfeited in the event of threats made against HD Forums Australia. The person responsible for those threats is deemed to forfeit any rights to privacy in relation to those threats. We reserve the right to retransmit the threat to any third party. We also reserve the right to publish the threat.

We gather basic information from users such as first and last name and email address. This information is gathered solely to enable site functionality such as registration and notification. This information is stored securely and can only be accessed by HD Forums Australia administrators.

We use cookies to implement critical features of the site. Cookies are small amounts of data stored on the user's device to identify the user to the site. The cookies we use are encrypted and cannot be read by other websites or users.

Registering on this site is an agreement of acceptance of this privacy policy.