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One Saturday Night

  • wombat457
    14 days ago
    Last Saturday a Yanky warship and a Pommy warship came into Sydney and the crews were allowed to go on the town BUT they had to go with an Aussie so as not to get into trouble.  So, me and a mate decided to be "chaperones" for one from each ship and off we all went for a night to remember.

    Well after doing a pub crawl threw Manly and all the strip clubs we could find the Yank says hey, I want to see the Harbour Bridge.  Me and me mate looked at each other and said, no worries mate lets go - and off we went, zig zagging our way through Sydley and to the middle of the bridge.  As we got to the top the Yank said he had to take a piss, which - of course, prompted all of us to need to do the same.  So there we are, atop of the Sydley Harbour Bridge with our strides down round our ankles takin a slash over the side.

    When the Yank finished he stood up proudly, thinkin he was the be all of blokes and with a big grin on his face said frickin hell, that water is a long way down!  By this time the Pom finishes and with a dry and indifferent tone says - "yeah and it's bloomin' cold too".  That did not impress the Yank but then I did my bit, put the bugger back in me pants and started to walk away.  The Yank said, what you got nothing to say? So I said - "yep, long way down alright AND darn cold too .... not to mention bloody deep as well! "

    Now you know why Yanky and Pommy women luv us Aussies :)